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Mothering Justice Action Fund is proud to be part of The Defend Black Voters Coalition. We are a multi-racial coalition with the shared value of inclusive democracy.  We believe everyone has the right to an equal say in what happens in our communities regardless of race, gender, or income. We believe in standing up against the corporate attack on democracy for all. Our goal is to stop the Suppress MI Vote initiative, an anti-democratic effort that would make it harder for Black and low-income people to vote. In 2022, the coalition held corporations accountable by holding protests in Detroit and attending council meetings to advocate for black voters. Our efforts were rooted in calling out corporations bankrolling the politicians and seeking unfair political advantage through voter suppression.

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About MJAF

Since 2015

Mothering Justice Action Fund has been dedicated to returning decision-making power to those most impacted, mothers of color.

What is The Mothering Justice Action Fund?

For mothers across Michigan, balancing paid work and caretaking responsibilities is a major contributor to economic instability. Mothers of color, in particular Black mothers, experience this even more acutely as a result of systemic oppression and inequity in access to resources. By empowering these mothers to champion policies and endorse candidates that reflect their values, Mothering Justice Action Fund hopes to shape the future of families in Michigan for the better.